Men, heroes, stage gods

Chauvis, watch out! Gone are the days when you could play voyeur with impunity. The ladies, in the pop business preferentially measured by their physical “talents”, bounce back unabashedly: the man as a sex object! Tina Turner, Kim Wilde and Apollonia, themselves the target of many wet dreams, let the feelings from the abdomen run free.

Mick Jagger
Kim: “With him, you were never sure whether he was really heterosexual. He always surrounds himself, at least earlier, with this bisexual image. And I don’t like it at all. I don’t really know why. He’s probably subconsciously a threat to me, for example, if I would sit here with him and an exceptionally handsome man, I was almost afraid that he would spend the night with the man.
Sure, Boy George also has this bisexual image, but with him it has a rather friendly touch; it is in no way threatening. And I like friendly people.

Kim: “Oh Sting! (Laughs) I’ve met him a couple of times and I don’t find him too attractive. He’s an incredibly nice guy – and I appreciate his talent. He was sexier than Police when he started, for example, ‘Roxanne’ Back then I was 18 or 19 and I just found him breathtaking. But I just can’t judge men as ‘sex objects’ anymore. The sexual attractiveness of men is not as palpable as that of women. You can feel it first when you’re with them. “

Simon Le Bon
Kim: “My God, that’s a nice collection! Well, Simon Le Bon, well, he’s too chubby for my tastes… no, that’s not right. But it’s too arrogant and self-loving for me. It is the guy who believes that no woman can resist him. He doesn’t look attractive to me at all. “

David Lee Roth
Kim: “I have to admit that I haven’t paid much attention to his body so far. I like more discreet men: swollen muscles and other exaggerations turn me off. And I don’t like long hair in men either. Let me cold.”

Kim: “I saw him in ‘Purple Rain’ and found him to be sexy at times, but at the next moment I put him on terribly and tried to look sexy! And then it backfires. But his music is fantastic – and somehow he projects an exciting image of sex. Which doesn’t mean that I find him attractive! But when he talks about sex, he’s more persuasive than most men. “

David Bowie
Kim: “Unlike my friends, I was never crazy about David Bowie. It was always the music that fascinated me about him. He has so much talent, wit, class, intelligence. He comes very close to my ideal of an attractive man, but in some crucial point it fails. If I only knew what it is … “

Michael Jackson
Kim: “I bet he’s much sexier than what the media make of him. He has a strong sexuality, but he directs it into safe channels while Prince reveals everything. I prefer the Michael Jackson variant, because it’s more subtle. I just like to watch it; when it’s on TV, I can’t look away. ”

Billy Idol
Kim: “Years ago I would have found a guy like him. He is handsome, arrogant, coveted by many – that makes a man interesting. But now I’m beyond the point: I prefer other men now.”

Freddie Mercury
Kim: “No. No. To me he looks physically repulsive. So bony – and then teeth and hair! He is a wonderful artist, I really respect his music, his creativity; I love his voice – and he is unique in its kind. But when it comes to sex – no! “

Boy George
Kim: “I can’t imagine that anyone would find Boy George sexually attractive. You just want to stroke him. He’s just cute and has an interesting personality. You can sit down and chat with him. I could never imagine to seduce him, but he probably isn’t thinking of seducing me either (laughs)

Elton John
Kim: “He was one of my youth idols. And at that time I found him attractive. You just wanted to hug and mother him! Like a teddy bear. I just like to be around him, even if I don’t think I do I could fall head over heels in love with him. It’s hard to say where the respect stops – and amorous feelings begin. It’s the same with Elvis Costello for me.”