My diary will be something special

For a year we heard nothing from Kim Wilde. But don’t think she has been lazy during this time. Kim tells Popfoto that she hasn’t been bored for a minute, and that she is doing something very exciting at the moment…

“If my father would have had such a camera…”, Kim sighs during our interview in the Countdown studios. But let’s start at the beginning. Because you would like to know what Kim has done during the past year. It has been this long since we heard from her last.
“Well, I have done a lot”, she ensures us. “I have been recording new songs, and I have also been on holiday. I went to a small island in the Indian Ocean, for a holiday with my band. What did I do there? Well, I have this small video camera”, she says enthusiastically, “and I love it. I record something almost every day. Do you know how? I start by telling which day it is, and then what I am doing. You can compare my filming with a diary, but it is more exciting. When I was on holiday on Reunion Island, near Madagascar, we went climbing on the crater of a volcano there one morning. I was filming during this whole hike. It was very beautiful. The higher we went, the more smoke we saw. And beautiful stones in different colours. At some point I stayed behind because it was just too tiring.
But I also film normal things, like when we were filming the video for ‘Schoolgirl’. I recorded little pieces of that and it was great fun.”
Kim stays silent for a while and then tells us: “Do you know my father is jealous of me? He used to be famous as well and he met all the big rockers in his time. He would have loved to have that on film. Kim concludes laughing: “But when I’m forty I will have a great film of my life. It will be very interesting!”