One month day and night with Kim Wilde

The French dream and sing in English. To be in the blow. And because England is still the country of rock. Kim Wilde, they adopted it very quickly. “In France, people show me a lot of interest and make my coming a real event. It would be hard not to love those who love me.” Kim Wilde does not hesitate to cross the Channel to participate in TVs (“Grand Public” on November 14th), give concerts (the 11th at the Zenith), go on tour (12th in Lille, 14th in Perpignan, 15th In Castres, the 17th in Toulon, the 18th in Lyon, the 19th in Nimes, the 20th in Toulouse, the 25th in Besançon and the 26th in Rouen) and even spend a few days at home. For pleasure.

Finally alone. Kim Wilde left the family home. Adorable brothers and sisters. A singing dad and an attentive mom. “I could not organize myself properly, with my make-up, my clothes… My socks were going astray, I did not want Mom to devote all her time to me… She has a whole family…”
Today Kim has her own apartment. And lives alone. “I know where every thing is, I put everything away after use, and I have not been ironing for a year now, it made me crazy.” And this move furniture and clothes to Kim created a kind of emulation. “I’m more happy than before, it changed my life, I wrote most of my lyrics on my new album” Another Step “and I did something I never thought I could. Proud to sing my songs. “

Write for others? “I have always wanted to write, but I was less available before and I did not trust myself.” My ambition is to compose the Music is for me a magical concept. “
Kim Wilde author, it makes a new topic of conversation. It was time. Kim began to boil and find boring articles in which she could only notice her make-up, her clothes and her lioness’s mane. His look, as they say. And his talent then? “Black is not a style, it’s to go faster, I like that color, it goes with everything.” “If I buy everything in black, I’m sure it will get married.”

Organized, determined, Kim defines himself as “not incredibly beast, not incredibly intelligent, in the average”. A little authoritarian. Ah! This, yes. To become a singer, she did not seek the advice and advice of anyone. “My father, Marty Wilde, did not want me to be in the trade, he encouraged me to pursue studies, but I wanted to be successful. Almost everything, but for that I work hard. ” And his career for now is what comes to the fore.

Finally nothing surprising to be famous. She was made to be an artist. “Small, I had a gift for music and drawing.” And leaving a school of Fine Arts without passing a diploma because it is not really what she wanted to do but it was better than nothing, Kim Wilde registered unemployed …

The day her first album “Kids of America” is classified in the hits, she gets a position of saleswoman in a record store. Too late. The discs, it is she who will make them henceforth. At first she admits she kept her head cold. “I was blasé, not even surprised.”
It is only with hindsight that she understood. And still today, at 26 years, his remarks, his reasoning are so determined, determined that one wonders if it realizes. She says though she laughs a lot and loves to put the buddies in box. She also chews them on Canson paper. Very often, she finds the family. And play with the little ones in the garden. “I’m wondering if I’m taking enough time for myself … It’s too soon for me to think about starting a family, and yet I’ve been brought up in that spirit.”

She has the composure and determination of the British. A sense of humor in the cold. An iron will masked by his sulky air and detached. Smile? Yes. She loves it but not like that before the cameras. It’s anti-spontaneous. And especially not on order. “I’m not an actress.”