Only 800 rock fans wanted Kim Wilde

There is no queue at all in front of the Grugahalle. At the entrance are only some youngsters as well. Everybody in the hall is astonishedly looking. only 800 people are there to see Kim Wilde. But the hall has a capacity of about 8000 visitors. You really feel lost in it.

She is on stage punctually and starts: Kim Wilde doesn’t let herself be impressed by the ghostly scene. With her common songs, like ‘Cambodia’ and other hits, she is able to get most of the English fans on her side. But of course the typical concert atmosphere is missing, as it stays cool in the big hall.

But it’s not bad for the visitor, he can stand closer to the stage, without sweating and being squeezed. You also have the opportunity to hear exactly how good the musicians on stage are. Despite the short concert of only 90 minutes, Kim Wilde and her band have presented a solid and good performance.