Review – Another Step

A remake of an old ’60s classic has catapulted Kim back into the Top 10. The track is ‘You Keep Me Hangin’ On’ and is such a strong song that it is almost impossible to make it sound bad. Kim’s version is touch-and-go, but she just manages to get away with it. The simple fact is that she is very light-on in the vocal department and the music tends to get buried in bland dance mixes.

But she is a trier and, with expert family guidance, helped with the songwriting on this album. The fact a cover-version was chosen as the first single is an indication of the strength of the original material. Lyrics deal primarily with the frustrations of youthful lust. Songs like Another Step (Closer To You) and The Thrill Of It offer good examples of the trite lyrics that dominate. But one track which does work well is the closing ballad, Don’t Say Nothing’s Changed, which could make a single.

Unfortunately for Kim, the emergence of Samantha Fox – who in my view is as musically stimulating as cold custard – has besotted most of the male audience she is trying to attract. But in the past, Kim and her team have shown they can produce nifty pop singles and the choice of You Keep Me Hangin’ On is proof of their keen pop sensibilities.