Review – Another step

For a while there it began to look as if Kim wilde was doomed to become a 25-year-old has-been as successive singles fell further and further short of the phenomenal success of her ‘Kids in America’ debut. But, out of the blue, her routine revival of a 20-year-old Supremes hit has catapulted her back into the top ten and she’s suddenly got more to look forward to than merely hanging on! Kim’s voice is attractive rather than arresting, but she and her family advisors have a good ear for the sort of song that suits her best and there are several items here that could follow up her second lease of chart life. The pick of the bunch, I would suggest, is ‘I’ve got so much love’, a soaring ballad written in partnership with father Marty and brother Ricky that confirms her current leaning towards Sheena Easton-style material. One thing’s for certain – her appearances certainly brighten up Top Of The Pops!