Super ‘cannon’ Kim Wilde

If we gave a prize to the most adorable singer of the moment, we would not be the only ones, to be sure, to vote for Kim Wilde. Sweet, smiling, available even when her schedule compels her to a rather infernal rhythm, Kim is a girl that one can’t not adore. And in addition she really has a crazy talent!

Five years of career, already, and an uninterrupted succession of hits. Today, Kim Wilde returns to the forefront of the news with a fifth album, ‘Another Step’, from which is extracted a single, an excellent cover of ‘You keep me hanging on’, a tube of Supremes. Kim worked hard on the development of her album.
“For the first time,” she says, “I went to Los Angeles, and it was my first time working without my brother, Ricky. Very nice to have people who take care of you, but I still regretted not having Ricky with me. He has a crazy talent. After Los Angeles, I stopped for two months, and we completed all the work in our studio of Knebworth, with Reinhold Heil, which produced several songs of Nena”. Twelve songs, including eight songs written entirely by Kim: dance music is in the spotlight, but also the ballads, and the album balances itself very well. Inspiration? Kim admits to finding her near the people she meets.
“It’s a lot of fun to write lyrics, do not take it too seriously!”
This is obviously not the kind of girl to catch the big head and to be satisfied with little. When we met her, she was preparing to start rehearsals for her European tour which begins in Berlin on November 5, continues in Paris on November 11th at the Zenith, and throughout France, and starts again in seven other Country, with a break for Christmas.
How to get in shape before the marathon?
“I prepare myself by swimming a lot, it is excellent for the breath, and then I do a session of gymnastics and fitness, in London. For this tour, I have new excellent musicians, and two singers. We’re going to be eight on stage, and for the rehearsals I intend to concentrate on the songs of the new album, there will be all the hits, too. I don’t support the idea of singing the same thing, exactly, at each performance, this varies from country to country.”
About public, Kim literally founds that she speaks of France. “I love singing here, people have always been very receptive to what I was doing, I’ve already gone to the Zenith, and I love the room. It’s fabulous, and in Paris, it’s a dream.In the show, I’ll dance a bit, but I mostly intend to concentrate on music ” .
Not tired, Kim, at the idea of this tour?
“I need to sleep, when I’m on the road, I’m so exhausted after the concerts that I sleep anytime and anytime. Skiing, I love this. This summer, I could take a few days to come to the Cote d’Azur, in Les Issambres. Still wild, so beautiful, I even started to learn French a little, and then I ate wonderfully! “
Kim does not just like the kitchen and the French landscapes. She knows our singers well and speaks with pleasure. “I love Etienne Daho, and then Telephone, with whom I was on stage, and I met Bill Baxter, whom I like very much. To sing a French song in my show, I would love that “. Meanwhile, Kim has a major project: a tour in the United States. “It may be that I spend a lot of time there next year because it’s the first time that one of my albums is distributed with a wider span. I do not have any pets, I can be away for a long time, it is true that my friends will miss me, they are very important for me, they support me. At twenty-five, being constantly on the roads in concert, it is not really reconcilable with a “classical” family life. Kim knows it, and she talks about it with sincerity.
“It’s not really a choice you make, but when you’re successful, it’s pushing you, but do not think I’m a loner. My friends love me, I have a marvelous family, and then I’m only twenty-five. When I get married and have children, I still have a lot of time before I think about it seriously. I appreciate all that I do … We will think about all this later!”