Tamed Wilde

Back in the old days of ‘Kids in America’, Kim Wilde was rarely seen out of jeans and leather jacket. Nowadays her style has changed along with her music: “Honestly, wearing leather jackets was an occupational hazard – anytime I did a show or a live appearance somewhere I’d come back and find it gone. I had to buy loads; in the end it seemed cheaper to wear something else!”
The ‘something else’ was Yoji Yamamoto: “I just happened to be passing his shop and I loved the window, so I went in and bought loads of horribly expensive clothes. This is my favourite outfit – I bought one in black as well. They’re the best cut trousers I’ve ever managed to get my hands on; hey’re just so flattering and the material hangs beautifully. Also, my weight fluctuates slightly and these trousers can handle that. They’re a bugger to keep from creasing.”
Kim’s using her new image to promote her latest single ‘You keep me hangin’ on’: “I’ve become much more aware of fashion and what suits me, especially since I moved to London. Before, when I lived in Hertfordshire, I scavenged round secondhand shops or wore jeans all the time. Now I go for more timeless, classic clothes in dark colours.”