The family spirit

“It was the thing that motivated me more than anything in the world. Music brings out a force from me, it is much more than a passion. Music stimulates imagination, emotions. It brings even more magic in the way of living one’s life.”
A hereditary passion for this little blonde of 1m60, with her hair always disheveled and lipstick dazzling. It is true that Kim Wilde knows music well. His father, Marty Wilde, was, according to experts, the English Elvis from 1957 to 1962. His brother Ricky, twenty-one years old, has been composing since the age of fifteen and his mother runs Big M. Production’, the production house of Kim.
But do not imagine that Dad and Mom have pushed their daughter to do this job, as others would push their offspring to be plumbers, factory workers or lawyers! “Mom gave us piano lessons from a very early age,” Kim explains, “but she was paying special attention to our ‘normal’ studies. Papa was too familiar with the vagaries of show business to encourage us to do this job.”
A craft that opened wide its doors to the child become star. One million two hundred thousand copies from his first album ‘Cambodia’, double gold for the second. Recordings, tours, promotional programs, Kim Wilde is now taken in the infernal cycle of the trade.

But Mother is looking after everything: “Luckily I work as a family, otherwise I think I would have had a lot of difficulties.” Mom organizes my tours, she knows what I need, I truly trust her. It’s amazing!”
Where lives Kim Wilde? At dad and mom of course! But she just bought an apartment in London, adding very quickly to justify herself: “It’s so much more convenient to change clothes than dad’s house lost in the suburbs …”
One last detail, the new song by Kim Wilde, “School girl”, is dedicated to a young girl. You do not see who? To his sister, of course! We really have the family spirit among the Wilde!