The new Kim

For over a year Kim Wilde disappeared without a trace. Now she’s back with ‘Schoolgirl’…

It’s more than a year ago since Kim Wilde suddenly disappeared from the scene after her sold out tour. No-one knew where she was. Now the blonde English woman, daughter of the world famous Fifties Rockstar Marty Wilde has reappeared suddenly.
“Schoolgirl” is the new single, composed by father Marty and brother Ricky, who wrote the lyric. Kim takes her work more seriously than ever: “During the last few years, since my first hit ‘Kids in America’, I have been daydreaming a little. But now I have a lot of things to say.” The osng “Schoolgirl” has a serious background.
Kim: “I have a six year old sister, Roxanne, and for her and other schoolgirls I have written this song. And in a difficult time for us all, in which serious events have occured, like for instance the war in Libya or the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl. I thought of my little sister and only thought ‘O God, what more terrible things will pass?’.
Kim has been doing doing lots of thinking during the past year: “We have written thousands of songs, I have dived into it fully. I compose at home as well in my 12 track demo machine, and my goal is to be able to use every little part of that machine before I go on tour in November.”
What has done in her free time? “I have painted my apartment in London bright red and I was always on the road on my bicycle through London. And I have met my friends to go out. I miss my friend Smitty a lot, she is working as a therapist in Australia for six months and she wants to try out how it is to live in another country. We went shopping in King’s Road and drinking coffee a lot and checking out handsome boys…”