The question of 1986: does 1987 give the answer?

The end of the year is the moment to stand still with past and future. We went to nine international stars to let them speak about the past year. And to ask them for their plans in 1987.

Kim Wilde

What was your favourite record of 1986?
‘A Capella’ by Todd Rundgren. An unbelievable combination of talent and technology.

Who would you like to declare person of the year?
I’ll stick to my father. I have decided to work more independently some time ago and he fully accepted that and even supported me.

What was the best experience of 1986 for you?
I got a nephew. I love children very much. Nothing better than a birth.

What was the worst experience of 1986 for you?
Worst is not the word, but bad: the accident in the nuclear plant in Chernobyl. It’s all going out of hand.

What does Christmas mean to you?
Very strange. Suddenly a lot of people gather round the table, while some haven’t even spoken to one another for a year.

How would you sum up 1986 for yourself?
Not so well. I expected more from my musical endeavours.

What are you going to do in 1987?
Stop smoking. At least, I want to try.