This joker is Wilde

Kim Wilde, rock and pop’s most gorgeous blonde, might look all sweet and innocent when pictured but underneath beats a mischievous heart. While her father, ’50s teen-idol Marty, was busy mixing her new LP, Another Step, Kim pinched his mobile home and went camping with a few friends in France. That’s the country where she happens to sell almost millions of records, even if she has been a bit quiet here of late. But let the girl herself tell the story:
“When we got to France we parked on an ordinary camp site where typical French families were taking a holiday. Whenever anybody recognised me the first thing they blurted out was ‘What on earth are you doing here?’ As it happens it was the best holiday I’ve ever had in my life.”

Nice to see that although Kim is now 25 she’s still a bit of a Wilde child!