Voice, charm and energy: 2000 visitors for Kim Wilde

The audience didn’t allow her to leave the stage after having sung her tophit ‘Kids in America’, they asked her back screaming and whistling. Yesterday evening Kim Wilde conqered the Knopf’s Music Hall with voice, charm and energy.

After her second song ‘Schoolgirl’ the audience was inspired and swept along, then the 1m70 tall blonde British threw her jacket on the stage and most of the audience was enthusiastically screaming. But Kim Wilde did it without any further show effects. With her black trousers and the white sweatshirt she was nearly underdressed. the music and her voice had been the most crucial elements of her concert.

Having lifted up her left arm, holding the mike in the right hand she screamed to her fans ‘With the kids in America’, the fans sang with her and were still applauding, when Kim already had left the stage shortly,

A short ‘OK Hamburg’and she went on with ‘Chequered love’ and her new single hit ‘You keep me hangin’ on’. After 90 minutes everything was over. That was probably the only disappointing fact during the whole concert by Kim Wilde, who can make her audience dream: one and a half hour is not enough. But if a short concert is full of music, the audience is ready to forgive.