What did these golden boys and girl do in 1985?

They weren’t found in our poppoll ’86 despite the fact that they were celebrated for their albums, and on the covers and posters of this magazine. What happened with Kim Wilde, Big Country and Michael Jackson? Did they cry when A-ha took their place at the top with one wellplaced bang? Are they out for Duran Duran’s blood? The forgotten idols in a row.

Kim Wilde: ‘Nice at home’

‘Rage to love’ is just about the last thing we heard from blonde Kim Wilde. Didn’t you feel like it anymore after that?
‘Just had a few problems any artist could have had. I didn’t find the right songs and my own songwriting isn’t going smoothly either. But I’m not giving up, no thanks. Also I liked doing things for myself for a year. I went on holiday to Italy and spent a lot of time with my family. I’m recording right now and I hope to have my album ready before spring. And I hope it’ll be a success of course!’