Wilde is back on top with an old hit

Gorgeous Kim Wilde has really hit back with a bang. Kim was in Australia just recently to host the Countdown Christmas show and it’s obvious that she is very excited to be back on the charts again.

She had a string of hits in the early Eighties with songs like Kids In America, Chequered Love and Cambodia. However, during the past couple of years Kim has been reasonably quiet. Now she is back with a vengeance, topping the British singles charts with her version of the Sixties Motown classic You Keep Me Hanging On. It is 20 years this month since the Supremes had a monstrous hit with the same song.

Over the past two years, Kim has gone through a period of finding herself musically and personally. A couple of singles were released last year but failed to do anything much on the British and Australian charts. Strangely enough, her records continued to sell very well in France and other European territories. At 25, she is more confident and absolutely determined to get back into the big time once again. Her new album titled Another Step, could just be the record to do it for her. She has spent the past 18 months working on the album in Los Angeles using Rod Templeton, the man who co-produced Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’.

Kim, who was always a favoite pin-up girl, is just as stunning these days. With Debbie Harry making an impact again, 1987 could really be the year for the return of the blondes! I know Kim is interested in touring with a band and with any luck we may see her in Australia in the new year.