With charm and dry ice: Kim Wilde in Mannheim

‘This girl is able to give new life to an old volcano like me’, said a totally exhausted fan after the concert. The name of the rock-lady who is able to do such miracles is Kim Wilde. She did this appreciationnally not by using an enormous stage show, but by her music, a good band, her appearance and a bit of dry ice. The cool English girl and her band offered clear, compact rock music and well arranged rhythm for 90 minutes in the ‘Rosengarten’.

She visibly started with a lot of fun and was really fresh – the star and her musicians. They didn’t look after themselves and as a result had the audience on their side right after the first song – the hit ‘View from a bridge’. From this moment on it only went upwards: lighters were burning. Out of her new album ‘Another step’ she played fast songs like ‘Schoolgirl’, but also quieter rock ballads like ‘Brothers’. But the highlights were the super hits ‘Cambodia’ and ‘Kids in America’.

The nice looking English girl for whom not perfect styling but being natural is of importantce, didn’t only take the offence musically. She also won her audience over with a lot of charm, for example when she assures with a childish twinkle: ‘I love you, too’. The audience didn’t let her out without having given two additional songs. Instead of the half sold out ‘Rosengarten’, Kim Wilde would have deserved a completely sold out hall.