At home with Kim Wilde: ‘I’m going to start all over, all alone’

“Sometimes I want a normal life”, Kim Wilde confessed to us some time ago, “I long for peace and quiet”. Kim has finally found a place in the centre of London where she can be herself, a flat of her own. To quiet down from the unrest, to make music in her studio and to phone with friends for hours… What more could a popstar wish for?

Kim has started decorating her flat with enthusiasm. “I want to feel at home here”, she explains. “My house is a part of myself, it mirrors my feelings and preferences. It has always been that way. In my room in Hertfordshire, where I lived with my parents, I lived in between the things I loved, surrounded by dolls and animals, the walls full of posters and sketches. I spent some time in art college and although I’m not a fantastic talent, I love art a lot. I like to look at beautiful things. At home I even had the habit of hanging my favourite clothing on the wall. It drove my mum crazy! I left another space free for pictures of friends, I looked at them every once in a while and remembered the great times we had.”

Friends are important

When talking about her friends Kim looks a bit glum for a moment. “Friends are very important to me. I regret not seeing my old school mates that often. After a while you just lose touch. But I try and write them regularly and fortunately there’s always the phone.”
It can’t be that hard to make contact as a beautiful blonde popstar, can it? “Being famous is very strange and I don’t always feel good about it. I don’t know if there are people who are put off by the fact that I’m a popstar, but it doesn’t make it easier to make contact with people anyway. But I’m not too sombre about it. I’ve always got my music.”

“I concentrate on my career”

Kim often calls her studio her sanctuary. She can spend days there, working on new songs. Over the past year she’s spent a lot of time worrying. Her career didn’t go as well as expected and it was hard to cope with that. She didn’t let herself be knocked down because of it.
She’s full of good resolutions. She wants to concentrate fully on her work and wants to make a comeback on her own, without the helping hands of her brother and father.
“It was a privilege working with dad and Ricky, even if they are my family”, Kim laughs, “but this year I choose independence. Dad accepts my decision, he fully supports me.”
Kim’s big love is music, that much is certain, but she also loves fashion. Whatever she couldn’t fit in her wardrobe, she’s exposed in her studio.
“I buy an enormous amount”, she says. “Everything I like at first sight, is mine. I am very impulsive. I don’t think if these new acquisitions fit with my old wardrobe. I just buy whatever I like. I would like to say that I never buy expensive clothes, I avoid the high street stores. I always walk around with the idea that I can’t afford exclusive creations, while I do make enough money. Strange, isn’t it?”