I flirt a lot with life

If you were a spectator, what would you blame yourself for?
No idea

In life, what are your qualities and your faults?
I am honest, very flirt. I flirt a lot with life… Enjoy things, situations, people… without necessarily being fully involved. At my age it is a quality. In a few years I think I will have evolved.

What gift would you have liked to have?
The one to dance. Have the rhythm in your skin like some blacks. I would have liked to do break dance.

Are there things that revolt you?
Yes, my face in the ice in the morning … (Laughs). Otherwise pollution of the environment, cruelty to children.

Are you personally involved?
Sometimes. As with Greenpeace. I think everyone is concerned with what surrounds us.

What are your passions outside of music?
Painting. I would like to have more time to draw, to paint. I love the figurative, crunching faces, characters in situation. Otherwise I love skiing, the photo. I would have liked to be more athletic.

What are the qualities of your ideal man?
Intelligence, joie de vivre, sense of humor, honesty, a sporty side…

Is loyalty in love important?

Do you sometimes feel like you are loved more for what you represent than for yourself?
Yes sometimes. I am very careful of people who want to take advantage of me.

So before giving your confidence you ask for more evidence?
Yes… We sign a contract… You will tell me the whole truth and nothing but the truth. No, trusting can take years or a few minutes. The most hurtful thing is when you realize that you have been cheated.

And with all that, friends?
I have very good friends whom I have always known. Since I sang I had to meet one or two.

Have people changed about you?
Yes and no. What I can say is that I have changed … I am more mature and more lucid today.

Do people who know you say you have good or bad character?
They say I have good character … but I don’t know why! I can’t find it. No doubt they must see me in the good days!

This job, to be loved, to be watched, for music?
I love music. It is second nature, a first language.

Is the stage a sublime gift?
Yes. Once we have made the scene we are trapped … after hard, hard reality. It’s so nice to know that we exist, that we are in the hearts of many people. And then on stage, you can be just yourself. You have the feeling with the public and you don’t cheat.

If you weren’t a singer, what would you have done?
Maybe a painter. In any case, something that allows me to communicate with the outside world … Preferably in an artistic field.

What is happiness for Kim?
You ask me a difficult question! We are all in search of happiness … Finding it is something else. For me, happiness would rather relate to my private life. Yet music, my career, is happiness too…

Are you looking for inner harmony?
Yes, sometimes you find it and it’s great. The next moment it spins between your fingers and you run after it again.

Your desires, your desires, your projects?
My next single ‘Another Step’ which is due out soon in France is very close to my heart. And then I want to write new songs and especially to take the pep to think a little about myself …