It’s Kim Wilde and Junior Giscombe!

What a heavenly combination! Not since Shakin’ Stevens and Bonnie Tyler coupled gloriously on “Rockin’ Good Way”, not since Andy and Fergrew stepped arm in arm up the Abbey’s aisle has the globe been presented with such a ravissant pairing, Kim and Junior!
Together on a miraculous waxing called “Another Step” which, e’en as we speak, glides effortlessly into the nation’s heart… And so it was with toppermost glee that Bitz hit the hotlines and tracked down the intertwined songstrels. Junior was in a recording studio, Kim was in a bed.

Kim: “Hello. I’m supposed to be going shopping to get some clothes but I can’t be bothered to get out of bed. I’m knackered. I’m in bed with all my letters I haven’t opened and bills I’ve got to pay so I think I’ll go back to sleep now.” But hold your horses, your Kimship. You have yet to tell us about your magical twinning with Junior…
“It wasn’t a record company ploy at all. It wasn’t like, ‘Oh, we’ll get the two biggest acts from CBS and EMI together’ (???), it was just a matter of finding someone to sing the song with and his name just came up in conversation and I went ‘yeah’. And so it was spontaneous like all duets should be: at least we saw each other when we made the video unlike most people.”
And what, pray, is Junior like?
“He’s very warm and intelligent and musically talented and he’s very funny.”
What is his best joke?
“He doesn’t tell jokes.”

Junior: “Hellooooo! Fire away!”
What about vis record then, June?
“Ha ha ha (?). Well Kim just rang and said, ‘Are you up for it?’ and I said ‘Yeah great’ ‘cos it gave me a chance to go out or whatever. I was chuffed at the fact they thought it was good enough to be a single and the next thing you know I’m back on TV and stuff ha ha ha ha.”
Is there anyone else you’d care to duet with?
“Purrhooof. Hmmm. I never thought about doing duets at all but if I did I’d love to do one with Chaka Khan…”
What about Bonnie Tyler?
“Pffrrrrrhahahahahahahahahahahoooo hahahahahahahah… Get OUT of here! Bonnie Tyler?”
Kim says that you’re a funny bloke.
“Hahahahahahaha. Ha ha. We have a laugh, that’s what she means.”
So do you tell her jokes?
“Oh, all the time ha ha ha ha…”
What’s your best joke?
“Aaaaaaarghahahaha. No no no, that’s a private thing ha ha ha…”