Kim & Junior: Black & Wilde

Kim Wilde takes strange steps. At least where her new single is concerned. With ‘Another Step’ she introduces a brand new duo: Kim and Junior.

How did you get the idea to record a duet with Junior? Did you know eachother?
Not really. We had met several times during a television broadcast. But you couldn’t call us real friends. We got along, though. Junior is a very sweet man. And I was always impressed by his voice. When I wrote ‘Another Step’, I got the idea to make a duet out of it. And I immediately thought of Junior.

Are you going to make a habit out of writing your own songs?
I want to at least try. At least most of them. But that doesn’t mean I can’t work with other composers. I like to learn from other people.

What kind of person is Junior?
As I said it’s a very sweet man. Uncomplicated. He is not stuck up or something. But he’s most of all a fine musician. Right now he is making music in the studio again. He is famous in America. When we were in Paris to record the video he was continually stopped by American tourists saying ‘Hey, Junior! My friend!’