Kim Wilde

Name: Kim Wilde
Date of birth: November 11, 1986 (sic)
Place of birth: Chiswick, West London
Currently living: I have a nice flat in North London, where I spend too little time unfortunately. I like to be at home. I can really enjoy a quiet evening in front of the telly.
Height: 1m67
Hair colour: I have dark brown hair originally. I have made them blonde for years. It looks better on me.
Colour of eyes: Blue
Family: My father is Marty Wilde. In the fifties he was a popular rock and roll singer. My brother Ricky is also involved in music intensively. Together with my father he writes songs for me. And he also produces my records. Mum is my manager. Then I also have a seven year old sister, Roxanne. She inspired me to write the song ‘Schoolgirl’.
Childhood: Although my father was a wellknown singer, I was never a spoilt child. Mum made me do housework. And I’m really pleased about that in fact. Cooking and cleaning: I know all about it. In school I wasn’t too good. I hated the discipline and the uniforms.
Hobby’s: Cycling, playing the piano, listening to music and keeping fit.
Favourite actor: Christophe Lambert. What an attractive man!
Favourite food: Italian and Chinese food.
Best quality: I don’t give up easily. When I want to achieve something, I’ll do anything for that.
Worst quality: That’s difficult because I have a lot. I can be very lazy and angry. You best keep out of my way when I’m like that!
Love: I don’t have a boyfriend at the moment. I don’t have time for that anyway. I feel very happy and free on my own. A relationship doesn’t mean much to me right now.
Biggest dream: Writing a number one hit and compose music for a big Hollywood movie.