Kim Wilde dreams of a duet with Janet Jackson!

During her last tour, Kim Wilde was on her way throughout Europe. There’s no time to relax for the ‘Schoolgirl’, because new songs have been announced, and a trip to America is also happening soon! The ambitious singer wants to leave nothing to chance. She has planned to work out her own ideas soon!

She has just said goodbye to the live stages she visited during last year’s “Another step” tour, and already Kim Wilde is working in her home studio on new songs.
“I was in the French Alps to go skiing for a week, but it wasn’t more than a short break. At the moment I’m writing down my musical ideas. The best will be picked and recorded right away. On my next album I want to work out what didn’t totally work on ‘Another step’: pressing my own tracks on vinyl.”, says Kim Wilde in a Pop/Rocky interview.
The irst demo recordings have already been made. Will there be a new album soon, then? The blonde one laughs: “Oh, I still have time. This month I will present myself to my American fans. After than I will go to Paris for a few days. France has become somewhat of a second home to me. Who knows, maybe it will be a theme in one of my next songs.”
Until the new album comes out a lot of water will stream through the Seine. We will also have to wait a while for new live performances. Has Kim thought about future band members? Is there a ‘dream band’ she would like to form?
“I am very happy with my current band”, says the beautiful singer. “Sure there are musicians with whom I’d like to play together. But they are already engaged with other bands…. I like Green from Scritti Politti for instance, he could be a backing vocalist. Todd Rundgren could be a singer, and I would also put Janet Jackson in the band. Lou Reed would play the guitar. For drums I could imagine Elvis Costello-drummer Pete Thomas. Plus Mark King from Level 42 on bass.”