Kim Wilde: her first number one for the second time

Kim Wilde probably came to our country in the heyday of his musical life… Who swept England and other European countries with “Keep Me Hanging On”, enjoyed the top spot on the Billboard list, getting full marks from the picky American youth…

“You Keep Me Hanging On”, which once made its way to Diana Ross and her band The Supremes, peaked at #4 in the US after the UK last week, becoming Kim Wilde’s first American hit. The young artist, who had a great success with “Kids In America” for the first time in America, took place at the top of the American charts for the first time after a long time.

Let’s go back to the past and tell you about Kim Wilde’s past… Kim Wilde, one of the guest stars who will participate in the Çeşme Festival, has a long musical background. Born on November 18, 1960 in London, she grew up listening to the songs of her father Marty Wiide from an early age. After she founded the band that bears her name, her older brother Ricky also made a name for herself with the songs she wrote.

Meanwhile, the calendars were showing the year 1981. Named “Kids In America” and attracting attention with his words criticizing the responsible American youth, Kim Wilde opened all doors of luck after he was in the top 3. With her debut album “Select”, Kim’s name was seen on all the world charts. But the fame that came at a young age brought failure, and the beautiful star, who suddenly got money, began to live her youth. The period of musical decline, which started with “Catch As Catch Can”, which was considered one of the most unsuccessful albums of that period, made her lose a lot.

But today, at the age of 27, Kim is more firmly grounded. The album “Another Step”, in which he used his perfect voice to the fullest and even composed for a week, was the artist’s rebirth, while the first 45 single “You Keep Me Hanging’ On” achieved the success of reaching number one in the United States. While the second 45 “Another Step” continues to rise in the charts, Kim Wilde will appeal not only to the eyes but also to the ears with her beautiful physique at the “Fountain Festival” hosted by Anthony Delon.