Kim Wilde: I am not daddy’s little girl anymore

Hi, my name is Kim Wilde, I have bleached blonde hair, look like something in between Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot, was a teenage sexpot for five years, but now I am an adult, sensitive and quite myself. It was just what I wanted to say.

If you are being sold as washing powder, then initially you have to be sold as the right type of washing powder. See now Kim Wilde. the lovely one that has grown up in recent years. In the chart as she was in her youth with ‘You Keep Me Hangin’ On’ and everyone wants to get hold of this. She looked good but Kim refused to be a bombshell. She was shy, a very modest little girl. Alright she was able to sell during her youth with her enchanting beauty. But then came the crisis in a series of hits. There were first removed a zero in the number of sold singles. Then one zero more. In the end you could end up even as a zero. Kim was desperate. So she went to one of popindustriens miracle doctors – Dr. Image. The man who can cure any depression with a new look, some new clothes, a new lifestyle. Pop is all about being credible can change menin in a few weeks costs and attitudes which it is most appropriate basis. In reality all pop musicians end as politicians: they have the same lack of backbone. Kim Wilde ended up with a company that helped Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Pet Shop Boys. They also created a new image for Kim Wilde. She got leather clothes. The wide hips were highlighted. Where before she could have been the neighbours’s pretty daughter. she was suddenly high explosive erotic dynamic femme fatale. It went fine with just one single, but then the audience turned away and the project capsized. She had been an overgrown child star and could now look forward to a private life as mature girl, dreaming nostalgically, looking back at scrapbooks.

But early last year she started all over again. tried to be honest and realistic and the result is obvious right now: Kim Wilde is back on top.

New confidence

‘I am most excited about the new LP. Another Step is one of many of my own songs’, says Kim Wilde. ‘I never thought it was a move I could make, composing myself. I lacked self-confidence. But when you sit down, feel depressed, often you discover there is a way out and I discovered I liked to sit and fiddle with melodies. In the beginning, I had not the feeling that they would end up on the record.

But she looks great, and since Samantha Fox has made it legal to have breasts and be a pop star at the same time, Kim Wilde can show us how great a work of nature’s hand she is.
‘I’m not prudish , but I’m too shy – and I’m actually not like Sam Fox and Bo Derek, who look good on the unfolded paper. Without clothes on I’m pretty normal.’

Difficult personality course

Psychologically Kim Wilde has always been soft as marzipan. Often one has to be a banana to cope in of pop. Vi Unge was actually the first magazine in the world who brought Kim the good news that the concert in this country had been successful, as she gave her very first live shows nicely tucked away in Sjaelland. After all these years, she has learned a little more. Among other things, she has been on a hard personality developing course continuously over two weekends, together with her mother. After paying 2500 Danish crowns she was beaten spiritually for four days, there was nothing special to eat for long periods and it was forbidden to go to the toilet during the group therapy. A spiritual stripper tore apart all layers of each person, so they can learn to know themselves. Kim says it worked.
‘I have much more confidence now than before’.
She has also enough confidence to say no to infatuations presently. ‘They are lovely , but they require far too much time’, she says.