Kim Wilde: In love, she cannot choose

She has never been so sexy: Kim neither needs makeup nor does she employ a makeup girl. She trimmed her body slim during fitness training. She lives a diet, doesn’t eat much meat, and often cycles through Regents Park in London.
She paints her famous pout only with lip gloss, otherwise she underlines her eyes, brushes her eyelashes – over and out. Despite her looks and success, Kim remains alone in the heart.
“She’s so private that she doesn’t even trust me with her innermost feelings,” Kim’s mother Joyce told us.
True: Kim is full of love and emotions, which she has so far only sunk in her lyrics. She is a serious girl, not a riot type.
“Gary wasn’t a guy for me – he wanted to own me all alone and cut my close family ties,” she says today of her relationship with Gary Barnacle, who used to play in her band.
The French pop singer following Gary, whose name Kim never wanted to reveal to us, is now a thing of the past.
In Montreux she was seen by Julian Lennon a lot. It could be that Julian Kim’s type: He does not only awaken feelings of motherhood in her because, firstly, he is a bit younger and, unlike her, grew up without any family care. Secondly, Kim admires his great musical talent. But she doesn’t tell anyone what she thinks about Julian or any other guy.
“Of course I want to get married and have children,” she confessed to me. “But so far I haven’t found the right one.”
On the flight back from Montreux to London, she showed me a three-page letter that the attractive singer Terence Trent d’Arby had written to her: “You have the sweetest pout that I’ve ever seen”, it read among other things.
“I met Terence in the television studio where we were doing top of the pops,” grinned Kim. The next morning a bouquet of red roses with an invitation was on her table at home. Since then, she has been unable to save herself from Terry’s calls. And somehow she feels flattered …