Kim Wilde: “It’s always me who takes the initiative”

Second on the European charts, the English Kim Wilde is making a big comeback in France with “You keep me hangin’ on”. “I live in London”, she says, “but I have more and more pain about leaving Paris”.

The songs on your new album are title “Don’t say nothing’s changed”, “I’ve got so much love for you” and “Say you really want me”. We get the impression when listening that you have suffered a lot.
Since the age of fifteen, my loves were often unhappy, which explains my cynicism.

Have you ever been a man’s slave?
Yes. Too many women count on the men to bring them the emotional stability they need. This stability, I seek it today with my friends, or my family. Never again will I be submissive toward a man.

How does one manage to seduce you?
One doesn’t seduce me. It’s always me who takes the initiative. But I’m not desperately searching for a man. He will come when the time is right.

Are you easily accessible?
I am spontaneous, cordial and trustful. I give up myself with almost all those which approach me. I do not have any reserve. I am there for whoever wants to know me, which distinguishes me from my fellow countrymen. Here, people embraces one another with affection whereas in England one shakes the hand with courtesy.

Are you related to Oscar Wilde?
(smiles) Wilde is a pseudonym. But I would have been proud to be related to that family. Oscar Wilde was a audacious man, very ahead of his time. I love people who aren’t afraid and know how to provoke controvesy.

Who in the history of England is the person you admire the most?
John Lennon. And Queen Elisabeth. It’s an intelligent and humane woan. More concerned about the fate of the individuals than of that of the nations. She never makes an error.

What do you think of mrs. Thatcher?
She leaves me perplexed. She is often on the edge or one does not await it. In withdrawal, then very committed. I disagree with her, but I respect her. Because she is a woman. Because she is strong and intelligent.

What is the event you found the most remarkable this year?
Chernobyl and the pollution of the Rhine. I always accepted the events with fatalism. For me, all that one can do for the progress of humanity or nothing, it is the same thing. But I am changing.

You once said: ‘I am accustomed to obtaining all that I want’.”
I have a materialistic spirit. I wanted an appartment in London and I wanted to sing and have success. I got all of them!

What else do you wish for?
A superb body.