Kim Wilde longs for the past

More than ever Kim Wilde is in the spotlights. She has achieved what she dreamed of. Still being famous does come with its share of worries. And because of that, Kim would still like to be a child…

‘Those lovely moments in the garden, I will never forget them’, Kim tells dreamily, while she looks out of the window of her beautiful home in Camden Town. ‘It may seem ungrateful, but sometimes I would love to do it over again. Mucking about with my brother Ricky, or just run until you reached the kitchen out of breath. Because after an hour in the garden I used to eat like a lion.’ She laughs. ‘Maybe you think I’m nagging, but I have such lovely memories of that. You had nothing to worry about. Everything was taken care of and you just had to take your seat at the table.’
Kim shakes her blonde hair and goes on: ‘In fact it’s just great to be able to look back on your childhood like that. But now the situation is very different of course and it may seem otherwise, I do enjoy it now. You shouldn’t think I’m constantly longing for my childhood now. I didn’t stop at my childhood idol, Elvis Presley, either. I still like him, really. It was a great period without a worry, and it’s over now. Now I may have an even better time, but not without a care. There’s always the fear that your new record will flop, or that the audiences don’t like a concert. It doesn’t happen, but I think every artist carries this fear around. Even when there’s no reason, like in my case. Because it’s going great. We’ve just done a great tour. I am going to do a TV show and with Gary, the saxophonist of the band, I’m incredibly happy. So what else is there? Whenever I long for the past it’s just a way to divert the pressure. Because even if I have grown more independent in recent years – my moments of being unsure are still there. And there’s a great medicine for that: Gary and my childhood memories.