Kim Wilde & Mel Smith

Kim Wilde: Tres moderne chick

Kim links her name with flourishes, one of the signs of an individual character, and the way she misses out part of the ‘m’, while still leaving her name readable shows that she has taste and artistic appreciation. Her upright writing means she’s got her head together, and doesn’t usually let her emotions run away with her
She doesn’t connect many of her letters, which is a sign that she prefers to rely on intuition rather than working things out. But watch out – her loopy downstroke ‘e’ means that she’ll pretend to be helpless to get things done, and don’t give her too much sympathy when she pulls on her ‘poor little me’ act.

Could be: a very good interior designer, just so long as there’s a big strong man around to put up the wallpaper.

Mel Smith: Bit of a bread head

His writing shows all the signs of someone who’s very comfortable with his image – which is just as well really, because if he wanted to change I don’t suppose he’d know where to start. Look at that big ‘S’ – just like a £ sign. Here’s someone who likes to earn lots of money, and spend it too. He’s underlined his signature, and added a dot after it, which means he knos his own mind and wants to have the last word. He has high ideals though, and is tougher on himself than on other people.