Kim Wilde number one in America

It’s a great year for the English Kim Wilde: for the first time in her career she has achieved a number one hit in America, with her version of ‘You keep me hanging on’.

Not bad for a girl whose career seemed ended prematurely last year. After she had the first of a series of hits in 1981 with ‘Kids in America’ and built on that success in Europe, she appeared to have been forgotten back home in England. With her recent album she has managed to make things better, but it is thanks to her number one in America that she is back on top again now.

In England she has already released a follow-up to ‘You keep me hanging on’, the duet ‘Another Step (Closer to you)’ with soul singer Junior. And that is fast becoming her umpteenth success.

In the mean time Kim Wilde is sold to the Americans as the English Madonna. The singer mainly has to tell stories about her father Marty Wilde, who was a teen idol in the Fifties, and her 20 year older mum who sure enough has become pregnant again.