Kim Wilde: “Staying yourself requires an iron will”

There is undoubtedly an angel in the life of Kim Wilde for having given her this radiant smile. Both superb and naughty, the delicious Miss Wilde looks so good about herself that she in no way resembles the image of Epinal of the tortured artists. With questions and sincere answers, the tea-time chaired by Kim turned into a lively discussion of laughter, bursts of laughter and confidences …

Her next single is called “Another Step”. Will it be “another step” towards a happiness that goes so well for Kim?

At Midem, you participated in a “prestige” gala alongside James Brown, Al Jarreau, Veronique Sanson. Was it an unexpected recognition of the profession?
Of course. It was fabulous for me to be on the same stage as James Brown and Al Jarreau who are people I love. It happened by chance. One day I was called to invite me and ask me to participate in the gala. I was very honored, very flattered and very excited especially. But this kind of thing can only happen in France … You will never see Kim Wilde and James Brown on the same scene in Great Britain.
On the other hand, I took my video camera to the Midem and it allowed me to film some unforgettable moments including James Brown.

Do you have the impression that from the start of your career, there is a small star above your head to guide you?
Yes, I think … I believe in fate.

Do you like to know your future? Do you consult psychics?
Who does not like to know their future? Personally it scares me and I dare not go to see a psychic. But I recognize that some aspects can be fun.

Luck, talent, work. What is the most important thing to succeed in music?
I will say talent first because it is the initial inspiration. But you have to work this talent a lot to fully express it and be successful. As for luck, we always need it!

Can you be completely yourself when you do this job?
I believe it is essential to also work on this point. It is the most delicate and the most difficult. You have talent or you don’t have it but working your career is something else. Staying yourself requires an iron will … Personally I try and I think I can do it relatively well.
You know, I’ve been in the ‘business’ for 6 years so I lost some illusions. This is also why I get involved in writing, production. On the one hand to forget, on the other because it gives me more independence.

Do you constantly think about your image, what you project?
I think about it especially when I’m photographed or when I’m in public. Otherwise no, not really. I stay as I am. I am not building an image of Kim Wilde. Nothing is premeditated. I am natural, sometimes a little vague, special also from time to time … One thing is certain, I did not choose to do this job to manage an image, what I want to do is music. I hope people see me as I am.