Kim Wilde takes one step at a time

Kim Wilde (23) obviously takes one step at a time with “Another Step”. The British pop girl has slowly but surely reached the top and is now just a few points behind Bergen’s new favorite – Tomboy.

Kim is the daughter of Marty – himself a famous pop star in England in the 60’s. Now her father has long since run out, while her daughter has hit the big time with a cover of the Supremes classic “You Keep Me Hangin ‘On” (topping the city’s single list today). Kim Wilde was on her way into oblivion and has had several serious back strokes after breaking through five years ago as an 18 year old. When she was touring England last year, the manager had to cancel the whole thing – there was never a cow in front of the ticket offices. Now the case is completely different. Kim Wilde is sought after wildly across Europe – crack star the US for a trip to conquer when the single is released.

Kim Wilde is a pop star who does not particularly like the limelight. She has repeatedly stated to interviewers that she prefers loneliness and she does not see glamour and star status as a goal.

Still, Kim has a natural talent for being on stage and the latest record shows that she reaches out only she avoids too much of her own material. She is a high mid-part self-producer and so it was a smart twist to turn to the Supremes and 60s beat when trying to come back. Another English lady who makes it sharp during the day is the very self-sufficient Kate Bush. Her “The Whole Story” offers the tunes that have made her a world name.