Kim Wilde video ‘nasty’

Kim Wilde’s record company MCA has denied that the singer’s latest video – banned last week by children’s TV for being “too sexy” – was designed as a hype.
Children’s programmes have followed the lead off ITV’s Get Fresh in refusing to screen the promo for Wilde’s new single ‘Say You Really Want Me’. The video features the singer romping on a bed with four men dressed only in boxer shorts.
Get Fresh producer Mike Forte described the video as “too naughty” for his show’s young audience, “though adults should lap it up”, he added. MCA admitted the film was “aimed at an older market”.
MCA’s Chrissie Cremore told NME: “The video wasn’t meant to create any ban or controversy. It’s a pure pop fun video. Kim’s brother and sister, aged seven and eight, have seen it and they approve. They think she’s very pretty and having a good time. They don’t think it’s rude”, she said.
Producers of ITV’s chart show The Roxy last week had Wilde sing the song live rather than make any decision about showing the video. And Top of the Pops are considering screening an edited version of the film, which is already being shown by MTV.