Kim Wilde with new confidence

She looks as blonde and as beautiful as three years ago, but in the brain of Kim Wilde a lot has changed in the mean time. The miss Wilde who has a new hit with “You keep me hangin’ on” is a much harder lady than the romantic girl she was then. That change has got everything to do with her acquaintance to EST, a character-building course in the style of LSP.

“I don’t even know why I started that course”, says Kim Wilde. “Character building sounded a bit suspect to me. But I felt bad, my relationship had broken off and my career was in a slump. To handle it all, I made the step. Together with my mum I followed the course for two weekends. Terrible, you were psychologically manhandled. For two days no-one was allowed to leave the class, not even to eat or to go to the toilet. That toughens you up.”


Because however painful the days must have been for her, for Kim Wilde they were mostly beneficial.
“I felt it was interesting”, she confesses. “All those people telling about their lives and confessions about what they did wrong. Some people can’t deal with that. I went into it like I go into everything. It did some good and I learned to overcome some fears. On the other hand it does make you think that such large groups of people can be manipulated so easily by one man with coincidentally a forceful character. And I don’t agree with the fact that people make money with the problems of others.”

Don’t need a man anymore

In the mean time Kim has gained so much self-confidence that she tells everyone she doesn’t need a man anymore.
“For most women a man means someone strong to lean against”, she says cynically. “I can be strong myself now. I have to be totally free to do what I want, and I have experienced that men are usually out to end women’s freedom, to end their ambitions. I don’t want to be in love with one man. It has been like that in the past, and it was very cosy, but love doesn’t fit in a time table, it takes too much time. I am 25 now and very wise, I think. A marriage, a relationship would take up too much time that I need for my career. Maybe I am just too selfish to share my life with anyone. I don’t want to lose so much time on a man.”


Which doesn’t hinder Kim Wilde to keep dreaming of the ideal man.
“He looks a bit like that French actor Christopher Lambert”, she says laughing. “And I haven’t had a chance to see him much. I have never met lambert, but I happen to know he’s single, someone who is also ver busy, that may be the solution to not be bored to death by one another after a few months. But I won’t search for a man, anyway. I think my life is looking good. On the way to the top again, enough money which is invested well because of my dad, and more sure of myself than I’ve ever been. I feel happier than ever before. I think it’s fun and exciting to get older again.”