Kim’s four-letter shocker for young fans

Touchy pop star Kim Wilde threw a four-letter tantrum in front of young children – just minutes before she was due to perform in front of Princess Anne.

Startled staff at London’s Royal Albert Hall watched in embarrassment as sulky Kim, 27, shouted and swore before bursting into tears. A security guard revealed last night: “Kim was distressed when she came off stage after her rehearsal because it hadn’t gone well. She rushed into her dressing room and looked close to tears. Then she sobbed, it’s not f*****g fair, nothing’s going right. I’ve had enough.”

Dozens of youngsters who were outside the star’s dressing room and waiting for their turn on stage heard her outburst.

The security man said: “She’s their idol and her language was disgusting. It’s a bad example to set to young fans. She let them down.”

The singer eventually calmed down and bounded on stage to sing her hit Another Step Closer with Junior.

The glittering gala on Thursday night was organised by the Variety Club of Great Britain.