Kim's raunchy pop video too wild for kids' show

Published in
The Sun (UK)
Written by
Martin Smith

Sexy Kim Wilde's steamy new pop vSexy Kim Wilde's steamy new pop video has been banned by top children's TV programme Get Fresh. And even tonight's trendy chart show The Roxy only dares screen a censored version.ideo has been banned by top children's TV programme Get Fresh.

The raunchy film for Kim's single, Say You Really Want Me, shows the blonde beauty wearing just a skimpy negligee and writhing on a bed with four hunky men. She pouts provocatively and runs a string of pearls sensually between her teeth. As the studs strip down to their boxer shorts curvy Kim sings: "I want you tonight". Earlier she unzips a skintight dress before lying back on the bed.

The producer of the Saturday ITV kids' show Mike Forte said last night: "It's far too naughty for the nine-year-olds who watch us." Kim admitted that some scenes had to be cut from the finished video because they were too torrid.


"There would have been a total ban if we'd kept it all in", she confessed. "I was shy at first because the guys were all so gorgeous. But by the end of the session I was really warmed up and having a pretty good time."