Kim’s risky film frozen by the Beeb

A video by Mel Smith and Kim Wilde has been banned by the BBC after a massive protest by worried parents.

Angry viewers swamped the Beeb with protests after the video – which shows Kim opening a fridge to find Mel inside – was shown on Terry Wogan’s show. The scene is one of the funniest in the video for their single Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree.

But the BBC switchboard was jammed by parents worried that children might be trapped copying the sketch. A spokeswoman for the BBC told me last night: “We had a number of calls claiming we were irresponsible because the shot encourages youngsters to climb into the fridge – with dangerous consequences.”

The video has now been re-edited with the shots of Mel squatting in the fridge cut out. Last night Kim told me: “I think they have over-reacted but you can never be too careful where children are concerned. They do copy their favourite stars and it could be very dangerous. It was an oversight but obviously no harm was meant.”