Kim’s video is too Wilde for TV

Singer Kim Wilde’s sexy new pop video has been banned from a top children’s TV show. The sight of her romping on a bed with four men who were dressed only in boxer shorts proved just too much.

ITV chiefs dropped the video, which promotes Kim’s latest record Say You Really Want Me, from the Get Fresh show, with the order: Not in front of the children.

In the film – mostly shot in soft-focus Kim upzips her skintight dress and lies on a bed running a string of pearls through her lips.


She is also shown in a skimpy negligee as she sings “I want you tonight”. Last night Kim admitted that some scenes had to be edited out of the video to prevent a total TV ban.

She said: “I was shy at first because the guys were so gorgeous. By the end of the session I was really warmed up and having a pretty good time.”

The edited video will be shown tonight on the ITV chart show The Roxy.