Love-tangle Terry swoons over pouting Kim

Pop’s leading romeo Terence Trent D’Arby has got himself into a sticky love tangle. Paula Yates is still mooning over him like a besotted schoolgirl, while Terence in turn has fallen head over heels for Kim Wilde. Sadly Kim is not interested in the plaited pop star’s wooing and has given him the brush-off.

Terence – in the charts with Wishing Well – has been bombarding reluctant Kim with roses and love letters. In one two-page epistle, he gushed: “I’d love to go out with you, I think you’re incredibly sexy. You’ve got the most beautiful pout I’ve ever seen.”

But what worked with past loves, such as Paula and Patsy Kensit, fell on stoney ground with bachelor girl Kim. She says: “I do like Terence but I couldn’t fall in love with him. I find him much too forceful. I like my men vulnerable and sensitive. I’d love to have a boyfriend but it doesn’t hang me up. I don’t have to have a guy around all the time. I’d much rather wait for Mr Right.”

Paula still has spurned Terence in her sights. She turned up with husband Bob Geldof at a secret gig Terry played at London’s Marquee club – under the strange monicker of Teresa Trent and the Tricky Dickies – and went over the top.

My Marquee mole reports: “Paula was rushing the front of the stage, screaming and shouting. She reached fever pitch when he took off his shirt and showed off his rippling psysique. Bob just looked glum.”