Me and my favourite things

“My Walkman is as important to me as toilet paper!!!” Kim confesses why she’s Wilde about her 10 favourite things to Fran Jepps – and reveals exactly what she DOES do with her Walkman.

This is my beautiful fairy tale book, which I bought while working in Copenhagen where the author Hans Christian Andersen was born. It’s oe of my favourite things because my original book was destroyed by my little sister and brother. Actually I bought it for them but I’m afraid now I’ve fallen in love with the book so it looks like I’m gonna hold on to it for keeps!
Unfortunately it doesn’t include my favourite story, The Little Mermad, but this is still very special.

This is what I first got when I started to become a songwriter. It’s my provisional membership certificate for the Performing Arts Society. This is very important to me because it was the first award I’ve received – way back in November ’84. Having my work published is the most important thing that has happened to me in my career so far. I hang this in pride of place at home in my music room.

Three tins
I collect pretty tins for my kitchen. I like going along to Soho’s China Town where I buy the real Oriental teas which they sell in the tins. As I’m not a mad tea drinker I leave the tea in them. I love their beautiful colours so I have a special shelf reserved for them at home. When my family or friends travel they always know what to bring me back as a present.

Video tape
Spinal Tap. This is the music industry ‘bible’ that’s been quoted out of existance. We take this on tour while we’re away and we watch it every trip. For those who haven’t got a video, I’m sure they’ll see it on the TV – I reckon it has been on at least three times so far this year, but I never tire of the story and characters.

This is my favourite wrist watch. I bought it for myself a couple of years ago in Carnaby Street, where they sell all 60s stuff. I paid £20 for it and it works really well – when I remember to wind it up. I love the pink and blue together even though I tend to stick to wearing lots of darker colours like black and navy blue.

Here are two pairs of my very favourite earrings. I also bought these while I was on my travels in LA. I found this fabulous vintage clothes shop that sold all original 50s earrings – ah, they don’t make earrings like this anymore so they are very, very special.
I’m not into real jewellery, I like some silver and I love pearls and diamante. Maybe I’ll get onto gold when I get older.

My Walkman’s one of life’s essentials; it’s as important to me as toilet paper! My handbag is always full of cassettes which I play while I’m travelling around. I do some very serious listening then. I would love the new Sony solar tape to use when I do my serious sunbathing, but it looks like I’d be wise waiting that one out judging by our awful weather!

I found this while I was away in French Guyana recently. I visited all the islands where they used to take all the prisoners and convicts. I think the butterfly’s from Devil’s Island.
I travelled there with Junior while we were promoting ‘Another Step’ and we did some TV work together. But in between working we travelled around and did plenty of sunbathing. Junior actually saw a butterfly like this while he went on an adventure trip to the jungle. I was just so upset when I found out of course. Where was I? You’ve guessed it – flat out on a sandy beach sunbathing.
I have this resting at home on my bureau, where its wings reflect the beautiful colours in the light.

I bought this wonderful, little thing in a very trendy shop in London’s Covent Garden. I paid £29 for the fridge, but I had to pay extra for the little food packages which go onto the shelves. It’s another object that cheers up my kitchen shelves. I’d really love a real American refridgerator the same as this instead of my boring modern one. I bought this one day while I was supposed to be shopping for a friend’s birthday present. Even the guy in the shop couldn’t believe I was prepared to pay that much for it.

I discovered this while I was doing a photo session in Houston, Ameria. It’s made by Robert David Morton – whoever he may be! (I hope none of the airport customs men are reading this, I just sneaked it through when I came back). I decided to buy it because it’s fabulous. I love the diamante and pearls. It’s super to wear, in fact I felt a million dollars, when I wore it to Elton John’s party (listen to me name dropping!)