Review – Another step

Although many British singers have successfully entered the US market, Kim Wilde has always been able to maintain her popularity in the UK, and has not yet become popular in the US, which make the author more or less worthless for her.

Although Kim Wilde doesn’t have Alison Moyet’s thick voice, nor Kate Bush’s shrill singing voice, her punk appearance with anti-regular character has her own certain style.

Recently, Kim Wilde released a new album, called ‘Another Step’. Let’s see what happens with Kim Wilde’s another step.

The main producer of this album is Ricki Wilde. Richard James Burgess, Reinhold Heil, Rod Temperton, Dick Rudolph and Bruce Swedien also make guest appearances, so that’s a strong line-up. There’s a total of twelve songs on the album, among which there are many works worth listening to. The author’s favourites are ‘You keep me hangin’ on’, ‘Say you really want me’ and ‘Another step’.

‘You keep me hangin’ on’ is the first song of side A on the album, produced by Ricki Wilde and responsible for the keyboards and synthesizers of the song. The whole song has a brisk rhythm, accompanied by a dance beat. It is a song with hit potential, a very catchy song. I have already remembered some of the rhythm and lyrics after listening to it only once.

‘Say you really want me’ is another listenable song on the album. Under the supervision of Rod Temperton the song is different from Ricki Wilde’s style, and Kim Wilde also handles it quite well. By the way, did I mention that the song is also featured in the movie ‘Running Scared’?

‘Another step’ is the title song on the disc. Kim Wilde invited Junior to cooperate with her. The effect is good and the song itself is richer. Junior’s singing voice must be credited.

Kim Wilde has taken another step. I hope she will not take a wrongstep, but embark on the road to success in the right way.