Review – Another step

British female singer Kim Wilde released her new album Another Step in 1986. In fact, with Kim’s singing and composition talents, it is reasonable to be popular, but not many people know about her. The musicians involved in this album are of course Kim’s younger brother Ricki Wilde, who is responsible for the playing and programming of all synthesizers and Fairlight.

Combining this album, Kim’s singing style is still pop-swing , Ricki’s assistance, of course, added a lot of electronic music taste as usual. In addition, the producer of Spandau Ballet Richard James Burgess is responsible for the drumming part on ‘How Do You Want My Love’.

Among the 12 works, ‘Missing’ is the most prominent, and all of them are very well constructed. The opening note of the Spanish guitar is very special, and Kim also uses Synth and Drum Programming in this piece besides being responsible for composing.

In addition, duet and performance Holland’s classic You Keep Me Hanging On is also very electronic, which is completely different from Rod Steward’s version in the 1970s.