Review – Another step – The videosingles

It’s the video that makes you say “Geerks! Worra floozestress!!” Yes indeed, for this short video contains two – two!! – versions of The Pout (i.e. Kim Wilde) in her “banned” perv-video for “Say you really want me”. In the first version The Pout squirms around on some expensive bed-linen eating a string of pearls, whilst in the background she squirms around on some more expensive linen with five – five!!? – ripplesque ‘n’ “perspiring” not-very- ugly blokes! And they’re even more keen on fondling themselves than they are The Pout herself!!! And in the second version you get even more of these “doings” and it’s all enough to make you have a cup of tea instantly. There’s also the videos for “You keep me hanging on” in which she’s billowed about by some breezes while trying to have a kip in a warehouse and “Another step (Closer to you)” where she “bops” with Junior in a photographer’s studio with a ladder in it. Clearly a video for pervs only.