Sick pervert wild about Kim

Gorgeous pop star Kim Wilde was pursued by a sex pervert to Australia.

The man, who calls himself Mr. X-cite, travelled 17,000 km from Britain to haunt her on her Australian tour last month. Kim has lived in fear of the pervert for the past four years, according to a report in London’s Sunday newspaper, The People.


She has hired two extra bodyguards since the phone freak announced his intention to get her on his own. A worried spokesman at Kim’s recording studio said: “The man said he would travel to the ends of the earth to be alone with her. He is obsessed with her. Some of the calls were weird and he seemed desperate to get to Kim. He’s obviously a madman.”

The man is understood to have listed intimate secrets about Kim in his obscene phone calls and letters. He claims to have a large collection of photographs and personal items belonging to the pop star.

Kim’s manager believes the mystery man is an artist who submitted some unsuccessful designs for an album cover.