Simply Wilde about Crimbo

Can you wait? Xmas is just around the corner and Kim Wilde is getting prepared… David Giles got over excited and Martin Haggerty took some festive snaps.

What’s the best Xmas present you’ve ever had?
“Favourite Xmas presents really happen when you’re young. As you get older, presents don’t really stick in your mind as much as those you got when you were young, which meont a great deal- I suppose my favourite present was this doll dressed up as a fairy. I was about five at the time, and it was a very magical present. I remember it vividly.”

What’s the most useless thing you’ve ever been glven?
“I suppose the most useless thing I could ever be given is perfume that I don’t wear. Like Tweed – I haven’t been given any for a few years, but Tweed sticks out in my mind as being a particularly disgusting present!”

Your favourite Xmas?
“I’ve got a feeling that this year is going to be one of the best, not least because of all the Comic Relief thing, working with Mel, ond hoving this record out. It makes a change from the usual Xmas routine. Usually it’s like the end of my year – I haven’t had a record out at Xmas for some time, so it’s nice to be in the middle of it all, especially promoting something like Comic Relief.”

Least favourite Xmas?
“Last year was pretty bad. I came back from Japan and Australia on Xmas Day, and I got stopped at Customs with all my Xmas presents. They weren’t extortionately expensive – there was just a lot of them. Mostly Japanese stuff like kimonos. I had to unwrap all of them… a really nice time!”

When did you first discover that Santa Claus didn’t exist?
“I do remember, when I was about three or four, I had a very vivid imagination. I remember looking outside and seeing – obviously I didn’t see it – in my mind I saw six reindeers ond a sledge, and it was all out on the pavement in the middle of London! It really did my brain in, I thought this is it! It’s magic, it really exists! I believed in fairies and that for a long time afterwards …
“Of course I found my parents out eventually, sneaking in during the night. I don’t recall being particularly upset about it or anything. But you don’t really want to give the game away to your parents. It’s in your best interests to make them think you still believe in it. I faked it quite well for years!”

Favourite Xmas record?
“Roy Wood’s one’s good – ‘I Wish It Could Be Xmas Every Doy’ – and the Phil Spector records are great.”

How do you normally celebrate Xmas?
“I’ve got a huge family now, especiolly since my brother got married, and he’s got a little baby, and I’ve got a little brother and sister and a11 the grandparenls come round, and it’s a sort of mega do! It has all the highs ond lows of all the usual family Xmases.”

Are you a long-term Xmas shopper – or do you do it at the last moment?
“I usually get it done very quickly, in a couple of days or something. If I’m working abroad, I have to do it there, and in airport lounges, and anywhere I can get interesting things. This year I’ve been at home, so I’ve done it all in London.”

Do you have a favourite place to shop?
“Harrods is a nightmare, so is Selfridges. I think it’s better to shop in smaller plaes. Virgin Megastore’s a good place, because they have all sorts of good things in there. All my Xmas cards have been Comic Relief ones this year.”

Where would you like to spend Xmas most?
“I’m into snow, so I’d perhaps like it to be in somewhere in Austria – an Alpine lodge, with a real fire and all that kind of thing.”

Haev you ever had any really stupid messages in Xmas cards?
“Most of the stupid messages I get are from girl friends of mine – and they’d be far too rude for me to reveal to No. 1! I know what a naive, sweet, innocent lot your readers are!”

Do you get any cards from famous people?
“No – not really. They’re not very well organised, famous people…”

Do you have a Xmas stocking?
“No. Not these days. I used to have a pillowcase. I can’t remember how old I was when I stopped having one, but I do remember getting a slightly smaller version, which was a sign that I was growing up.”

Best thing on telly at Xmas?
“I used to really enjoy the Morecambe & Wise Xmas Show – I always look out for re-runs now. They are brilliant! The pop shows are always quite good. But the old black & white films are the best, with Frank Sinatra in.”

Anything on telly at Xmas that makes you cringe?
“Oh well, of course there’s bound to be the Xmas Blind Date! I just think Blind Date is an insult to everyone that’s on it. Trouble is, I get sucked in – ‘Is she going to go out with him?’ – and I can’t bear myself for it! But I know I’m going to get sucked in again this Xmas… Celebrity Blind Date. That’ll be a cracker…”

Have you got a favourite Xmas carol?
“They all quite good really. As hymns go, the best melodies are for the Xmas ones. ‘Silent Night’ is a very beautiful melody…”

Who would you most like to get under the mistletoe with?
“Well, I won’t tell you who it is, but the likelihood of it is very small! As always, I wouldn’t mind finding Christopher Lambert inside my stocking. He’s got to be the most gorgeous looking actor in the whole world! Quite how we’d get on is another matter…”

Any popstars that take your fancy?
“Well… definitely not Zodiac Mindwarp! I dunno… do I fancy any popstars? There have never been any that I fancy – not because they’re not fanciable, but they’re all so pretty. I don’t like pretty men.”