The best Christmas hit comes from Mel & Kim no. 2

A mistake, we thought when we saw this picture the first time. But on this festive picture you see the duo Mel & Kim no. 2. Kim Wilde, whom we all know, performs with the famous English comedian Mel Smith for the occasion. Together they recorded a version of ‘Rockin’ around the Christmas tree’, once a hit for singer Brenda Lee.
For the video with this alternative Mel & Kim record, there are many special guests: the puppets of Spitting Image, the pop group Curiosity killed the cat and Santa Claus. “The real Mel & Kim have also helped us a little with the record”, says Mel Smith. All involved have donated their time and efforts for the production: the proceeds of the song go to various charities, such as the emergency help in Africa.
Have you become curious? You will have to watch one of the satellite channels (Sky, Super, MTV), because unfortunately the record isn’t released in the Netherlands.