The lone star: Do it yourself! Kim Wilde’s message for pop kids

Pop superstar Kim Wilde has a piece of advice for young hopefuls… do it yourself. The blonde beauty isn’t too impressed with star-struck youngsters who play on their looks – and connection – to try to get to the top.

“Why should anyone have to resort to selling personal relationships in order to get publicity?”, says Kim, daughter of famous fifties rocker Marty.
“If you’ve talent and you wanna make it in the pop, acting or fashion world, then stick to the work – forget all the private life stuff. I feel sorry for kids who feel the need for that kind of sensationalism. They can’t have much confidence in their own ability to be reduced to that.”
Kim has always kept her famous dad firmly in the background of her career. Not that she hasn’t had a bit of help from her family. Marty and her brother Ricky co-write and produce her records while mum Joyce looks after the the business side.
The 26-year-old, whose single Another Step has gone straight into the charts at 32, first shot to fame six years ago. But she has always tried to keep her personal life out of the limelight.
“Dad and I have always run a mile from appearing together in public”, she says. Up to now that is. Last week, at Wembley, Kim and Marty sang together on stage for the first time.
“I know a lot of people were surprised, but we had a very good reason”, explains Kim defensively. “It was an AIDS charity concert and we both feel strongly that AIDS affects all generations – not just youngsters – so we decided to break our ban for an evening.”
The concert, which also brought Wham! back together for one night, will be televised early next month.
“I was so nervous”, Kim shudders at the memory. “Partly because of the huge crowd but mostly because Elton John was there and we were singing his song Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word. But it was just great singing with dad.”

Kim is very close to her family. “They’re terrific – Mum, Dad and Ricky have always kept me together.”
Kim’s mum is expecting another baby at 45 and Kim has a seven-year-old sister Roxanne and a brother, Marty jnr, who’s five.

Kim grins broadly: “I’ve got the best of all worlds, with the little ones. I get the good bits and Mum gets the worst!”
Doesn’t Kim want a family of her own?
“Of course, one day – but perhaps I’m a bit too keen on my career at the moment. Not that I’m scared of getting into relationships, adds Kim hastily. “I’m not so ambitious as to look love in the eye and totally ignore it.”
In fact there have been rumours recently about a passionate romance between Kim and a French rock singer. Kim glares icily with those big blue eyes. “As I said, I like to keep my private life private. But I will say that at the moment I’m not having an affair with a French guy – that’s not to say that I wasn’t”, she adds with a twinkle.
“I realise people may think I’m a dull, dreary, ordinary, boring pop star because I don’t discuss my private life with everyone”, says the girl the French call the Bardot of pop, stretching out one boringly-long denim clad leg. “Well, tough! ‘Cos that’s the way it’s gonna stay!”
You can glimpse Kim singing Another Step, with soul star Junior, on this Sunday’s Live from The Palladium. Says Kim: “I was surprised when Junior said he’d sing with me on Another Step because he’s a soul singer. This single has a definite rock feel.”
Junior has never really taken off in Britain although he’s pretty big in the States. Things have worked the other way for Kim. “Since Kids in America, six years ago, I haven’t really hit the top over there – but things are really looking up now”, says Kim, eyes lighting up. “I’m off to America on Monday to promote the single.”
And after that?
“I’m just gonna keep on keepin’ on.”