The lovely look (and voice) of Kim Wilde

A beautiful appearance; on its own it’s enough to put the spotlight on Kim Wilde. Her great voice; you can’t pass it by if you want to be honest. 
At the age of twenty Kim Wilde came to our attention with the track “Kids in America”. It’s 1981. It sold over two million singles around the world.
With the LP “Another Step” – at the end of last year – Kim released her fifth album and she had already thirteen hit singles in the pocket. This single (also on the LP) was a cover version of the Supremes: “You Keep Me Hangin’ On”, a song of over twenty years old.
Kim has a lot to thank her producer Richard James Burgess for. Negotiations and recording for her recent LP took place in Los Angeles. According to Kim it was an ideal workplace. Several producers who worked on the record were: Ricki Wilde, Rod Temperton, Reinhold Heil, Dick Rudolph and Kim Wilde herself. A tight working relationship within the team.
“Contemporary pop music”, that’s how Kim Wilde prefers to describe her songs. Full-on rock at one time, ballads and pop songs at another time.
In fact you could say it’s a family business when you know that Kim’s dad Marty Wilde was once a popular rock singer, that her brother also does part of the production and mum Wilde plays Kim’s manager. Also dad and brother regularly write songs for the singer.