‘The most beautiful initiative since Band Aid’

George Michael was absent during the recording of ‘Let it be’. It doesn’t change the fact that the list of cooperating stars on Ferry Aid is impressive. We asked some of them about their impressions of the single and the charity project.

Pepsi & Shirlie: ‘Shame that George wasn’t there’

We didn’t hesitate for a moment when we were asked to work on this charity project. We missed out on Band Aid because we weren’t so well known back then. Ferry Aid was our chance. We’d hoped that our friend George Michael would be here. We called him up but George said he would want to come, but his attorneys advised against it. ‘I don’t know why, exactly’, he added himself. It’s a shame!

Nick Kamen: ‘Laughing and crying at the same time’

Just before the recording started it seemed most of us forgot why we’re here. In the busy pop world you have so little time to speak to one another and so this day was a get together with long lost friends. But when we were singing the Beatles song, the atmosphere changed totally, as if we were suddenly aware of the enormity of this disaster.

Boy George: ‘It could have been me’

I’ve taken the ferry to the Continent numerous times in the past with the other boys of Culture Club. I could have been on the ferry that very day… I feel very close to the relatives of those who drowned. The best thing was to have my own single ‘Everything I own’ take second place in the UK singles charts, behind ‘Let it be’.

Mark Knopfler: ‘Alone in the studio’

I couldn’t be there on the day of recording by Ferry Aid. I was in the Dire Straits studio, recording our new album. I did want to work on the project, so I went to the studio a few days later and played my solo and had my voice added to the chorus. There I was, all alone in the big studio, singing with the 100 voice of my ‘predecessors’. Very impressive it was…

David Bowie: ‘Narrowly made it!’

As much as I wanted to, I couldn’t be there during the recording sessions of Ferry Aid. The preparations of my tour made me run from one press conference to another. I wanted to be there when they recorded the 12″ version of ‘Let it be’. On the longer, remixed version I say why I think this action is so important. I am helped out by Samantha Fox and Boy George. I managed to narrowly make it only the most beautiful charity project since Band Aid.

Kim Wilde: ‘Inconsolable!’

I was the only one in the Ferry Aid group who was directly affected by the disaster with the Herald of Free Enterprise. I lost three good friends of mine who live close by. I saw the tragedy with their relatives. For days I was inconsolable myself. I was there with a lump in my throat when we recorded ‘Let it be’ with the 100 man strong chorus. Whenever I hear the song on the radio now, I have to think of my deceased friends.