The toughness is just the outside

She is blonde and beautiful, often appearing in cool leather clothes. But the toughness is just outside protection, say those who claim to know her.
Kim Wilde is shy and anxious and hates being in the limelight. The 23-year-old daughter of the old pop singer, Marty Wilde, has for years been one of England’s most popular vocalists, despite her clear limitations.

You’ve probably seen her on Norwegian television. She mimed two lyrics in the pop gala from Düsseldorf, one was You Keep Me Hangin ‘On. This has become a mega-hit at home in England and Europe otherwise, also on the BA list it is in the ‘top ten’. In tomorrow’s BA, the old Supremes classic is in 9th place.

Kim Wilde – like Chrissie Hynde from the Pretenders – is completely different from the image the record industry has built up. Like Chrissie, she performs in challenging leather suits, drawing on sex-based lyrics that are meant to stir the curiosity of boys in early puberty. Chrissie Hynde has long since lost the myth of her image. She is a two-child mom who loves animals and vegetarian diets. Forget her sado-masochistic lyrics, she just poses – like most pornographers.

A good mother

Kim Wilde, in turn, wants to be a good mother when the time comes to have children.
“I intend to write texts that my children will be proud of,” she said in an interview recently.
Kim Wilde claims she hates star worship. “It’s crazy to be assaulted by people who like your records.”


A few years ago, she simply disappeared – went on a long vacation without the family being briefed.
– Sometimes I only have one wish: to flee from the madness.
Kim is so shy that she did not dare to go shopping alone.
– Everyone needs someone to trust, and the pop life has its dangerous sides, claims a woman who has just come under fire from the women’s movement in England.
– When she still feels like she does, why not change the image and become more like who she really is? The way she appears now, just supporting her false notions of women, the movement claims grudgingly.