The wilder side of Kim

Female chauvinist pigs beware! The main ingredient to spice up Kim Wilde’s saucy new video is plenty of naked male flesh.

“Oooh I’m afraid those guys have nothing to do with me, we just spent one long day together in Battersea, the land of the video studio”, explains the blonde bombshell. Tell us another Kim!

The ‘Say You Really Want Me’ video is basically all about Kim, the tanned male models and a bed. But not forgetting Kim’s tiresome dancing with her endless string of pearls. “They are the one thing that did belong to me, my fab fake pearls”, she chuckles. “I spent the whole day pulling and tugging at them, I’m quite sure if they had been the expensive real thing they’d never have survived under the pressure and strain that I put them through. It was a long hard day’s work but I’m happy with the video now it’s finished.”

Britain’s answer to Debbie Harry (complete with dark roots) has come a long way since her ‘Kids in America’ days of ’81… see for yourself!